MUME will carry on the spirit of Mehmet Uluğ

The Mehmet Uluğ Music House (MUME) which will carry on the spirit of Mehmet Uluğ, one of the founders of Pozitif, has opened in Dreams Academy Kaş.

Mehmet Uluğ who led the way in music and entertainment sectors and passed away 2 years ago will be remembered with music again. Mehmet Uluğ Music House, has opened its doors within Dreams Academy Kaş where music meets with nature.

With the revenue donation of the Mehmet Uluğ Tribute Night which was hosted as a part of the 24th Akbank Jazz Festival, Mehmet Uluğ Music House was founded for all who wants to interwine with music within Dreams Academy Kaş which aims to include disabled and socially disadvantaged individuals to social life with the help of art. Mehmet Uluğ Music House’s record studio situated at the camping site is open to all artists who wishes to record there in exchange of a fee as well as the Dreams Academy’s young guests. This way artists contribute to Dreams Academy.


  • To bring many professional and amateur musicians together.
  • To collaborate with many NGO’s with a focus in music.
  • To serve as a competent live recording studio for various musical genres.

The Mehmet Uluğ Music House was founded with the aim of bringing together people, especially the young, who want to live with music in an atmosphere where they can get in touch with nature.