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Who wants to live with music
Welcome to MUME

The Mehmet Uluğ Music House was founded with the aim of bringing together people, especially the young, who want to live with music in an atmosphere where they can get in touch with nature.

‘Bringing together nature and music’ that was one of our first goals... Bringing together natural beauties with music. Our job is to create the right energy.

What does creating that new energy depends on?

First, music is a great energy source which is our job. Secondly, ambiance; it’s very important where you do it. And thirdly, the people who attend are an important energy source. If these three are balanced correctly wonderfull things come to life.

Mehmet Uluğ
Who Is Mehmet Uluğ ?

Dreaming of taking Turkey’s and Istanbul’s cultural life to a new level, Mehmet Uluğ carried on his efforts for 25 years with Pozitif, the culture, arts and entertainment company he founded with Cem Yegül and his brother Ahmet Uluğ, the Doublemoon music production company and the Babylon music club.
“All of them were created by the three of us, but our visionary and source of pride was Mehmet.” says Ahmet Uluğ.
‘In Respectful Memory of Mehmet Uluğ’ Seda Pekçelen, Time Out Istanbul, December 2013
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